Baby Diapers

Our company pays more attention to the quality of baby care products series products, making babies more comfortable and mothers more assured. Comfortable surface to prevent allergies.UNIHOPE baby diapers are our latest product for baby care. This outstanding packaging will be very helpful for merchandise display. We use imported US pulp, and SAP as main absorption material to produce the absorbent core, which is very fast absorption, and comfortable when use it. We have developed baby diaper, adult diaper, adult nursing pads, sanitary napkins, baby wipes, sterilization wipes, masks, etc.

Bamboo Cotton Comfort Baby Nappies

Baby Diapers With Magic Leak Guard

Soft Disposable Diapers For Africa Market

Eco-Friendly Disposable Baby Nappies 

High Quality Ultra Thin Baby Diaper

OEM Printed Nappies Baby Pants 

High Absorption Nappies Baby Diaper

Breathable Clothlike Printed Baby Nappies  

Company & Production

Established Quanzhou Unihope Import and Export Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong, which opened an external window for the development of the UNIHOPE brand. Responsible for the research and development of all the company's care products and consumer data insights. Then in 2018, he invested in the establishment of Quanzhou Unihope Hygienics Co., Ltd. in Singapore, which is responsible for the digitalization and informatization of the Unihope company, as well as the in-depth development of the brand in the Asian region. We are specialized in baby diaper, sanitary napkins, adult diaper, baby wipes and other health supplies R & D operations, production, testing center, marketing and warehousing distribution services.Factory area of 18000㎡, specialized production staff of 225 people, 5 R & D personnel, 3 for the testing center, marketing team (domestic and foreign) a total of 58 people, and 12 main managers.Currently, we have a branch office in Cameroon to provide services and products to Africa. In the near future, we will build more branches in other countries with our efforts.

Self-control multiple factories

Self-control multiple factories to coordinate and unify management to achieve the optimization of production capacity.

Rich experience for Each Process

Rich experience in brand market operation and dealer relationship maintenance, such as material procurement and storage.

Systematic Management Workshop

Multi-level systematic management promotes the efficient response from demand side to the production side.

Independent Design & Development Teams

It has international experience and strict quality control processes. Independent teams for product design and new product development.

Automated Full-Servo Production Line

More than 10 high-end automated full-servo production line, the specialized production staff,R & D personnel, and main managers.

High Quality & Efficient Service

It has reached strategic cooperation with many major logistics, credit insurance companies and banks, and the service is more refined.


Currently, we have many certification reports, such as ISO, SGS, Nigeria OAPI, Cameroon LALANCOM and various quality test reports, and We update these certificates every year. We have many own brands selling worldwide. Our pursuit is to realize the dream of healthy life in the field of health products. We have become an international sustainable entrepreneurial enterprise with sustained and healthy development.

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