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Disposable Masks For Kids

Disposable masks for kids. Smaller size than regular adult masks, with cute printing, which is suitable for both boy and girls. 

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Model Number: EM02

Material: PP Non-woven fabric, Filter paper

Product Description

Kids Disposable Masks

Disposable masks for kids. Smaller size than regular adult masks, with cute printing, which is suitable for both boy and girls.

This product is disposable, please do not reuse it, and it cannot be used to prevent toxic liquids and gas.

For exportation, supplier needs to offer product testing report, CE certification, FDA certification, etc.

3ly Children Masks

The mask covers the mouth, nose and lower jaw, and the ear-band is placed behind the ear.

Adjust the bridge of the nose to fit the bridge of the nose.

Properly adjust the position of the mask to make it comfortable to wear.

Wear it correctly according to the front and back labels. Do not touch the inside of the mask with your hands.

Disposable Kids Masks

Scope of application:

Anti-smog, industrial dust, sand dust, pollen and other salt particles and microorganisms carried by particles.


30pcs/box, 60boxes/ctn

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