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KN95 Cup Type Protective Mask

KN95 masks are civil masks, which are used to filter the air entering the nose and mouth to prevent harmful gases, odors, and droplets from entering and leaving the wearer's mouth and nose.

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Packaging: 20PCS/BOX

Material: PP Non-woven fabric, Filter paper

Standard: GB2626-2006

Product Description

KN95 Face Mask

KN95 masks are civil masks, which are used to filter the air entering the nose and mouth to prevent harmful gases, odors, and droplets from entering and leaving the wearer's mouth and nose.

KN95 cup type face masks, 5ply protective, made from SSS non-woven polypropylene, 3 layers meltblown clothes, and one cup base fabric. 5ply, better protevtive performance.

KN95 Cup Type Face Mask

The shapeable nose clip helps to fit the bridge of the nose, enhance protection, and prevent the entry of dust, debris, smog, droplets, and other harmful substances.

Original factory production, high-quality raw materials, comfortable and no smell, the product is comfortable to wear.

KN95 Cup Type Face Mask

Packaging & Delivery Time

1. Packaging: 20PCS/BOX

2. Payment: 100% TT payment before shipping

3. Delivery Time: 5 days after payment

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Company Introduction Mission: Nursing makes the world healthier Enterprise spirit: perseverance, diligence, diligence, innovation, gratitude Values: customer value as the center, continuous strugglers as the foundation, and entrepreneurs to practice Company Philosophy On Personnel: 1. Ten years to cultivate people and one hundred years to cultivate enterprises; 2. The development of human capital is the core growth force of corporate capital; 3. Talents must first have virtue. Business development philosophy: 1. Maintain continuous growth of core business and achieve stability; 2. Start with the end, and constantly reflect; 3. Keep pace with the times and adapt to changes; 4. All business activities must be legal , and have room for effective value growth. Quality concept: Quality is our bottom line, and quality service must run through every link of Research and development, production and consumer experience. 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