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Medical Care and Safer Care in the current sanitary products industry

Medical Care and Safer Care in the current sanitary products industry


The medical-care standard is the most stringent and highest standard in the current sanitary products industry, which is suitable for occasions and people with high nursing requirements.

Medical-grade diapers mean more stringent and extreme. There are few domestic maternal and child brands that can do it. It can be said that "medical care level" is synonymous with the highest level of safety in the field of maternal and child products.

We must be more professional in product design and selection, production and production. Product research and development innovation is not only to design a baby comfortable diaper, but also to design a baby diaper that is safe and secure. Be more focused in the professional field and control every detail.

Its test items are different from those of ordinary diapers, and more safety index tests are added to the original test. For example, in the performance indicators of diapers, the three indexes of back seepage, slippage, and leakage are more stringent, which better highlights the absorption performance of diapers.

In terms of hygiene standards, the total number of bacterial colonies is 10 times stricter than the national standard. In terms of the total number of fungal colonies, the national standard is 100cfu/g, and the medical-care level stipulates "not detectable". In terms of the types of pathogenic bacteria required to be tested, the number of medical care level has doubled.

Seventeen safety indicators have also been added, including heavy metal content, plasticizer content, skin irritation test, formaldehyde and migratory fluorescence, etc., which are not required by the national standard. Higher requirements and higher standards can produce better quality diapers.

Dollar Tree is not only meet the medical and nursing-level safety and health standards, but also provide a high-quality life for millions of babies, do every product and serve every baby.

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