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The Trend Of Adult Care Industry

The Trend Of Adult Care Industry


The adult care industry is an emerging sunrise industry, and consumer preferences will also greatly affect the hygiene market. Buyers hope that the design of disposable hygiene products will be more fashionable, safer and smarter like other consumer products. We are also listening to buyers' requirements to improve its aesthetics, safety and sustainability.

Adult diapers are disposable urinary incontinence products, one of adult care products, and disposable adult diapers mainly suitable for incontinent adults. The main performance of adult diapers is water absorption, which mainly depends on the amount of fluff pulp and polymer water absorbent. 

Our company designs professional air leakage protection for all kinds of incontinence patients, so that patients with urinary incontinence can enjoy a normal and energetic life.

1. It is easy to put on and take off like real underwear, comfortable and comfortable.

2. The unique funnel super-speed suction system can absorb urine for 5-6 hours, and the surface is still dry.

3. The waist is 360-degree elastic and breathable, close to the body, comfortable, and free to move.

4. The absorption layer contains odor-suppressing ingredients, which can suppress unpleasant odors and keep fresh.

5. The soft and elastic leak-proof side wall is comfortable and leak-proof.

As a leading global health care provider in the health market, we constantly evaluate market trends and develop products that meet the needs of manufacturers and consumers. The research of meticulous care products for the elderly will be one of the directions of our Dollar Tree Group in the next ten years. We have also launched the American Bebio R&D research project on physiology and incontinence of the elderly

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