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An insight of Napee: Happy Napee, Lady First

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An insight of Napee: Happy Napee, Lady First

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Napee series sanitary pad has been on the market for few years and now it has became a trusted, adored brand to the customers in many markets. With the purpose of bringing an affordable,clean&safe hygienic care products to every female, now it’s on its expedition to build more accessible and various products for customers and winning more market share.


How it started?

The story of Napee sanitary pad can trace back to the birth of Dollar Tree company. At the year of 2014, Dollar Tree firstly established in Quanzhou city, China.Quanzhou is well known for its expertise in producing disposable personal hygienic products worldwide. And expansion of the company began in all senses around the word.It has now managed to set up 8 branches successfully in different parts of the world.

The year of 2016 witness the launch of new sanitary pad products - Napee series. The following comes the mint flavor pad with super absorbency ,which gain the customers’ favor considerably and have been sold not only in Southeast Asia market but also massive people in Africa continent.


The following years would see Napee expanding its portfolio to new formats with tampons, biodegradable sanitary that’s environmental-friendly. Napee is also dedicated to research and renovate the products thus to better provide the customers with aesthetics experience.


Where is it heading to?

Today Napee boasts a wide portfolio that includes day use pad,night use pad, as well as pantie liner and combined package. Unlike many other sanitary pad brands on the market, Napee has created products that’s suitable for different markets, the safety and softness of  the products allow it to deliver impressive feminine care notions to the consumers.


Thanks to both the wide range of the products kinds and the superiority of the products at present, Napee has seen its business expanded to 30 countries and is still growing continuously, including Benin,Ghana, Nigeria,Myanmar,Dominica and even North Korea. More than 10millions consumers see the growth of Napee.


It isn’t just the new products that enhance the brand’s sale, the brand is also improving the existing ones all the time. Napee firstly brought out its new series of pad - Napee Miss Cool at the year of 2018 and has been working to optimize the products with the latest technology to upgrade its absorbency to 1.5times higher than the original version and enhance the ventilation by downsizing the thickness.


What is the purpose of Napee?

Menstruation is an inevitable part of most women’s lives. The average woman would observe menstruation every month of her life for approximately 35 years. Thus, over this period the average woman would go through more or less 20000 sanitary pads. Considering these implications, the economic costs for the average woman/adolescent are staggering especially in low-income countries in Africa. Studies have linked improper and unhygienic menstrual practices to reproductive tract infections and many other disease.

 “Meeting the hygiene needs of all adolescent girls is a fundamental issue of human rights, dignity, and public health,” Sanjay Wijesekera, former UNICEF Chief of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene, said. Napee’s purpose is to improve female’s experience during the menstrual period by producing the harmless,Chlorine-free products at cheap price to every female of age. And Napee has been striving for the dissemination of hygiene health and perish the “period poverty” ever since.


Brand new idea



Napee has adopted different packages combing local characteristics at different regions. The Napee Miss Cool has the the aluminum packages with release tape, which reduce the risk of bacteria greatly once the package is opened.



By addressing the consumers’ the pain points has fuelled many creations,including increasing the absorbency of pads thus reduce the leaking problems greatly. Napee now has ultra thin pad, thick pad and pantie liner for consumer to choose from,to better cater the consumers’ need, it even combine the day use and night use pad in one bag to achieve one-stop bag. One bag for 24 hours care.


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